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Triad Plant Company is the foremost wholesale plant brokerage in Florida- we make it a priority to offer items no one else has!

Our mission is to provide the best quality plants hand-in-hand with the best customer service, offering a combination of convenience, price, and selection that can't be beat.

We feature a full line of Florist Quality Interior plants in pot sizes from 3 inch to specimen size. It doesn't matter if you're a Florist, Interiorscaper, Wholesaler, or a Garden Center, we have what you're looking for!

We also operate a nursery, located at 8839 155th St South in Delray Beach, Florida. It allows us to offer items other brokers just can't get! We welcome visitors who would like a tour of our nursery to see our growing process. We are happy to quote prices and hand tag for you, just specify Interiorscape or Garden Center.

In addition we post weekly updates of our inventory, and specials and seasons availabilities are also ready for viewing; just see our availability page for our current lists.

Posted below you'll find some of our pictures that help show what we offer - seeing is believing! For a better look, just click on a picture to enlarge it.

4 Inch King Sago
6 Inch Aglaonema Creta
6 Inch Alocasia Portadora
6 Inch Candelabra Marginata

6 Inch China Doll
6 Inch Cordyline Ruby
6 Inch Croton Magnificent
6 Inch Croton Mammey

6 Inch Croton Petra
6 Inch Croton Picasso Paintbrush
6 Inch Macho Fern
6 Inch Philodendron Cheesecake

6 Inch Philodendron Swiss Cheese
6 Inch Sansevieria Black Gold
6 Inch Sansevieria Black Jack
6 Inch Staghorn Fern

6 Inch Syngonium Yellow-lime
6 Inch Yucca Jewel
6'' Philo. Cobra
6'' Pothos Golden Tub

8 Inch Aglaonema Creta
8 Inch Aloe Hedgehog
8 Inch Kangaroo Paw Fern HB
8 Inch Philodendron Cordatum Variegated

8 Inch Tradescantia Sillemontana HB
9 Inch Aglaonema Creta
9 Inch King Sago
9 Inch Lyrata Bush

10 Inch Amate Bush
10 Inch Arboricola Dazzle
10 Inch Croton Eburnum
10 Inch Croton Fantasy Twist

10 Inch Croton Magnificent
10 Inch Croton Mammey
10 Inch Croton Petra
10 Inch Croton Pinnocchio

10 Inch Eugenia 3 Ball
10 Inch Eugenia One Ball
10 Inch Ficus Alii Braid
10 Inch Ficus Green Island Std

10 Inch Ficus Indigo Std
10 Inch Ficus Jacqueline Std
10 Inch Fishtail Palm
10 Inch Macho Fern

10 Inch Majesty Multi
10 Inch Monstera
10 Inch Philodendron Cheesecake
10 Inch Sansevieria Black Coral

10 Inch Sansevieria Laurentii
10 Inch Sansevieria Zeylanica
10 Inch Stromanthe Charlie
10 Inch Sygonium Yellow-lime H B

10 Inch Yucca Jewel
12 Inch Arboricola Braid Gold Capella
12 Inch Ficus Midnight Std.
12 Inch Fishtail Palm

12 Inch Lyrata Bush
12 Inch Lyrata Little Fiddle Std
12 Inch Majesty Palm
12 Inch Roebelenii Multi

14 Inch Amate Bush
14 Inch Arboricola Trinette Braid
14 Inch Croton Mammey
14 Inch Croton Pinnocchio

14 Inch Croton Stoplight
14 Inch Eugenia Globe
14 Inch Ficus Benjamina Std
14 Inch Ficus Midnight Braid

14 Inch Lyrata Multi-std
14 Inch Roebelenii Multi
14'' Eug. Globulus Topiary Pom Pom
14'' Ficus Benjamina Braid

14'' Ficus Jacqueline Braid
14'' Philo. Selloum
17 Inch Cat Palm
17 Inch Lyrata Standard

6 Inch Gardenia Jasminoides
24 Inch Citrus Orange
24 Inch Citrus Tangello
24 Inch Citrus Tangerine

Centennial Variegated Kumquat HB
Citrus Key Lime Bush
Citrus Meyer Lemon 24 Inch
Citrus Variegated Pink Lemon HB